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Common Risks You Should Protect Your Business From

Running a small business comes with risks, no matter how careful you are. That is why it is crucial for any business owner to ensure protections are in place should they encounter a difficult situation.  With the proper preparation and business insurance coverage, you can minimize the repercussions of the risks we’ll share in this […]

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The 7 Most Common Types of Small Business Insurance

What type of insurance do small businesses require? This is a commonly asked question with no easy answer. This is because the sort of business insurance you require is determined by your sector and state. As a result, to comply with state regulations, you must purchase adequate coverage. You may have to pay for claims […]


General vs. Professional Liability Insurance: What Do They Cover?

General liability insurance covers any legal costs incurred when responding to a third-party lawsuit. Court costs, attorney fees, judgments, and settlements are all costs. A general liability claim can affect any small business owner in any organization or field. As a result, this policy should serve as the cornerstone of your security strategy. Different risk […]

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Small Business Owners: What Kind of Insurance Should You Offer to Employees? 

Understanding what types of insurance to offer your small business’s employees can feel like a challenge. However, this is a great problem to have! It means you as the owner have done a wonderful job growing the company and adding new staff members to your dedicated team. Health insurance benefits are a major way to […]

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What Insurance Do I Need for a Vacation?

Vacations are wonderful opportunities to relax, explore new places, and enjoy time spent with family and friends. But as you prepare for time away from home, it is important to have the proper insurance policies set up in advance. While you hope to never need them, these types of insurance can help you rest easy […]

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Proper Pool Safety While Enjoying the Summer Season

Cooling off in the pool is one of the most fun ways to beat the summer heat. But before you jump in, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind. Many of these suggestions are geared towards your children or young family members, but it is up to you to enforce them and […]

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The Most Overlooked Business Insurance Vulnerabilities

Business owners need all the coverage they can get, even if they are small businesses. Most businesses don’t know, however, that their coverage might not be enough. Here are several areas where business owners often lack coverage. 1. Cyber Protection Make sure your business is covered on the computer and online. Most business owners don’t […]

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Seasonal Sun Safety 

As the days grow longer and warmer, you may find yourself soaking in the sunshine for a few more hours each day. This has many health benefits from improving your mood to increasing your vitamin D absorption, but there is a key caveat – you must protect your skin against sun damage. Here are four […]

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How Your Insurance Needs Change as the Size of Your Business Grows 

When starting a business, you always have the goal to continue growing in mind. The last thing on your mind would be the types of insurance coverages you would need to have your business running at full efficiency. But how do you know what insurance to get for your business size? What happens when your […]

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Home Maintenance to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Summer is beginning to peek its head around the corner and it’s time to get your home ready for the summer heat! You should have maintenance upkeeps throughout the year, but summer is going to be our main focus in this blog. By starting your maintenance early, around mid to late May, you can bring […]