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7 Tips to Get Affordable Life Insurance Plans

Death strikes unannounced, and in most cases, the family of the deceased finds itself in severe financial challenges, more so, in the dead, was the primary breadwinner.

Your spouse may struggle to pay the family mortgage, cater for the children’s school fees, and even provide for their basic needs in your absence. The best solution? A life insurance plan!

At Tabb Insurance Agency, we are ready to partner with you and help your family avoid this painful experience in your untimely demise. We offer life insurance plans that are affordable and convenient.

This article provides adequate information on the types of life insurance services that we offer and will be your guide on our company services.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance refers to the contract between an insurance policyholder and an insurer who is the insurance company. The insurer promises to pay a named beneficiary a sum of money upon the insured person’s death. The insurance company pays the beneficiary in exchange for premiums paid by the policyholder during their lifetime.

In essence, a life insurance policy is a unique policy as it doesn’t cover you but covers your loved one. It takes effect when you are dead, unlike other health insurance plans in Conyers, GA, that protect your health needs.

Top Tips for Getting Affordable Life Insurance

Assess Your Current Financial Status

As you access your current financial status, consider what you have in place to support your loved ones. It includes emergency funds, retirement savings, life insurance cover you might be having at your workplace, and any other expenses.

You may consider engaging a professional financial advisor to help you through this process.

Determine How Much Coverage You Need

You may end up underestimating the amount of insurance cover you need. Therefore, you need to consider all your family expenses.

Consider the amount of the mortgage, family bills, children support, and other long-term expenses.

Buy Coverage Early On Your Life

Buy life insurance coverage early on in your life when you are still young and healthy. Furthermore, securing your insurance coverage early on in life means you get it at a better and affordable rate.

It gives you peace of mind because your family remains safe if something happens to you.

Know The Difference Between Term Life And Permanent Life Insurance

You need to know the difference between these two life insurances as it will help you make an informed choice when picking a life insurance plan. The circumstances and your specific needs will determine the life insurance you will choose.

Ask About Premium Discounts

Some insurance companies offer premium discounts at different levels of coverage. Therefore, It could prove cheaper to buy a higher insurance cover than a lower insurance plan owing to the excellent discounts offered at different coverage levels.

Consider Upfront Payment

Some insurance companies offer upfront payment discounts. Thus, ask your insurer if you can pay a lump sum amount for advance premiums and see the value on the offer. It may help you save a lot of money.

Shop Around For The Best Rates

Most insurance companies provide quotes online, thus making their rates accessible. As rates may vary across different insurers, you stand a better chance to choose the ideal insurance company and the type of life insurance coverage.

Why is Life Insurance Important?

Life insurance plans and coverage play a vital role in the lives of the policyholder.

Protect Your Family

You can protect your family and loved ones by taking a life insurance plan. Unlike other health insurance plans, it directly benefits your family when you die. Remember, your loved ones depend on you for financial support for their livelihoods.

In essence, it replaces your salary and other incomes hence guaranteeing your family some level of financial safety when you are dead.

Family Inheritance

If you lack tangible assets to pass to your heirs, securing a life insurance plan or coverage may ensure you leave cash to your loved ones.

All you need is to buy a Tabb Insurance life policy and name your spouse and children as the beneficiaries.

Paying Debts and Other Expenses

Your family will need to pay off debts and other expenses when you pass on. Thus, visit Tabb Insurance Agency and get one of the life insurance policies on offer to empower them.

Apart from living expenses, other debts may arise from funeral and burial costs. Remember, loved ones are already emotionally burdened due to your death, and you may not want them to experience additional stress due to lack of finances.

Financial Security

Securing a life insurance plan provides your family with more financial security when you die. Financial security helps your family members continue their lives comfortably in your absence.

Your children will sustain the lifestyle they are used to, such as going to school without interruption.

Therefore, it offers peace of mind that you and your family need in case of uncertainties arising from your death.

Life Insurance Plans in Conyers, GA

If you live in Conyers, Georgia, our company, Tabb Insurance Agency, will save you cost as we offer different and affordable life insurance plans. At Tabb Insurance Agency, we offer two types of Life insurance policies;

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance Policy protects the insured for a specific period. Thus, the terms may range from 10 to 30 years. When the policy is in force, Flexible premiums remain available. You may choose the period you want the insurance policy to cover depending on an individual basis. If you feel your health care is at its lowest point, or you plan to engage in risky activities for, say, ten years, then go for a 10-year term life insurance coverage. When you consider it safe enough, then you may withdraw your policy coverage.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance plans provide lifelong protection to the beneficiaries. 

The insurance plan lasts long, and it expires at no fixed point. Also, the policy acquires a cash value as you continue paying fixed premiums over time.

Why Us?

Securing a life insurance plan and coverage with Tabb Insurance provides you with the following benefits;

  • Income Replacement During Working Years
  • Wealth Transfers
  • Preservations
  • Tax-Deferred Wealth Accumulation.
  • Income Protection

Tabb Insurance Life Permanent or Whole policy premiums are higher than the Term Insurance policies. Furthermore, whole life premiums are affordable and fixed. The premiums depend on the age of the policyholder at issue and never increase with age.

We offer different life insurance policies at affordable prices! All you need is to contact us at Tabb Insurance Agency to enjoy these rates.

Contact Tabb Insurance for Affordable Life Insurance

Tabb Insurance offers full life insurance coverage that provides the best benefits a policyholder may find. Additionally, the premiums are affordable and depend on the insured’s age at the time of issue. 

At Tabb Insurance Agency, we care about you and your family. Thus, we provide the best Term Life and Permanent Life insurance options that suit you and your family.

Call us today to ensure your future is insured!

Is Employer-Provided Insurance Enough?

You sit down with your new employer to discuss benefits, and they mention providing a low-cost or free life insurance policy. Great! You’re set, right? Don’t be so sure… Insurance provided through an employer group policy, especially life insurance, is likely not going to be sufficient for your needs and those of your dependents.

It Looks Good On Paper, But…

We’re human. If someone gives us something for free – or even cheaper than we expect – we jump at the chance to take it. This is completely understandable, but you shouldn’t let the “too good to be true” nature of employer-provided insurance blind you from seeing what you really might need coverage-wise. A life insurance plan provided through your employer likely amounts to only one or two times your salary. True, you may have the option to purchase additional coverage through your employer’s plan, but even this additional coverage might not be sufficient.

What Happens if You Leave Your Job?

If you find yourself in between jobs, and you have lost your employer-provided life insurance, your dependents will be left vulnerable in the unthinkable case of your death. Just like other workplace benefits, employer-provided insurance is not portable. You could leave your job for a number of reasons – health issues, termination, retirement, or simply wishing to move on. Even taking a leave of absence or switching to a part-time schedule could affect your eligibility for benefits. To protect against dangerous gaps in your insurance coverage, the smart thing to do is to purchase your own individual life insurance policy.

It’s Better to Act Now

Another factor to consider is your age and health status. If you are young and healthy, now is the best time to purchase life insurance in the individual market. Your premiums will likely be lower, and as you age your premiums may be higher, or it may be more difficult to qualify for coverage. Avoid potentially being declined in the future by securing the coverage you need now.

Determine What You Really Need

Opinions vary on how much life insurance the average person needs. Most experts recommend 10 times your salary. Some individuals may be able to get away with purchasing less, or even with sticking with or adding to their employer-provided coverage. That’s great! However, people with large numbers of dependents or significant debts will certainly need the most coverage they can afford. An independent insurance agent can assist you in determining how much life insurance you should have based on your own unique circumstances. Reach out today to get a quote from an agent with the experience to understand what you need.

What to Do If Your Car Is Stolen

Remain Calm

If you believe your car has been stolen, your immediate response is likely to completely freak out. This is understandable, but there is a chance you could be mistaken. It is possible that your car was towed or even that your teenager took it without asking. Make a few calls to local towing companies to see if your car is with them. If you determine that your car was, in fact, stolen, you must still remain calm so you can follow the correct procedures.

Call the Police

This is your first step once you know your vehicle was taken. To report your car as stolen, you will need to provide facts that the police can use to identify your car. This information includes a detailed description of the vehicle including make, model and year, color, and any unique features such as bumper stickers or dents. You will also want to have your license plate number and vehicle identification number (VIN) on hand to provide to police. If you don’t know these off the top of your head, consider keeping a note of them in your wallet or cell phone. It’s especially important to contact police right off the bat, since many carriers will not honor a claim unless a police report is filed first.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

After filing a report with the police, it is time to file a claim with your insurance. Only a comprehensive auto insurance policy offers coverage in the case of theft, but even if you do not have this policy it is a good idea to notify your insurance agent about the incident. By notifying insurance, you may still be able protect yourself against any damage that occurs to persons or property while the vehicle is in possession of the thief or thieves. You will want to have at hand the same vehicle information you provided to the police, as well as items such as the title, a list of the location of all keys to the vehicle, a list of any personal property that was in the vehicle, the police report number, and contact information for your finance or leasing company. You provide the information, and your agent will take care of the rest.

Final Steps

After taking the initial steps to report the theft to police and involve your insurance agent, you will want to tie up any loose ends by notifying other parties that have an interest in your vehicle. Your agent will likely take care of this, but you can also place a call to your finance or leasing company. Report the theft to the DMV as well.

You should continue working with your insurance agent to see about rental vehicle coverage, but the only thing to do once all these steps have been completed is to wait. Your car may be recovered, but unfortunately there is a chance it may not be. Your agent will be there by your side throughout the process, whatever happens.