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General vs. Professional Liability Insurance: What Do They Cover?

General liability insurance covers any legal costs incurred when responding to a third-party lawsuit. Court costs, attorney fees, judgments, and settlements are all costs.

A general liability claim can affect any small business owner in any organization or field. As a result, this policy should serve as the cornerstone of your security strategy.

Different risk exposures are associated with professional liability and general liability.

General liability insurance in Conyers, GA, will protect you if a visitor has an accident on your property. On the other hand, professional liability insurance can assist you in dealing with any litigation that may occur as a consequence of allegations of professional errors.

Professional liability protects against financial losses, whereas general liability protects against physical losses.

A general liability policy may, in some cases, include some form of products-completed liability insurance designed to protect professionals who own retail, construction, manufacturing, and other service businesses.

This is intended to protect you from any lawsuits arising from completed works that cause physical harm to another party. While this may appear to be a professional liability issue, the emphasis is the term physical damage. Professional liability insurance only covers financial losses.

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance, often known as professional indemnity or errors and omissions coverage, safeguards small business owners and professionals who earn a living by leveraging their knowledge.

The following are just a few examples of specialists who should consider purchasing professional liability insurance:

  • Bookkeepers and accountants
  • Engineers, architects, and designers
  • Financial advisors
  • IT specialists and programmers
  • Professionals in marketing and advertising
  • Real estate agents

Why Is Professional Liability Insurance Necessary?

Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance provides adequate protection for most small businesses. CGL policy clauses can be tailored to your specific needs; however, even the most basic policy can protect you from liability for things like customers slipping on a wet floor or becoming ill after eating your food.

It should be noted that CGL does not protect customers from the provision or failure to provide professional services. This will necessitate the purchase of professional liability insurance.

What Is Professional Liability Insurance?

Even if you are not found to be at fault, a claim can ruin your company’s finances, time, and reputation. This is where Professional Liability insurance in GA comes in to help protect your company financially in the long run.

If your company is sued, professional liability coverage in Conyers, GA, covers your legal expenses, such as required legal representation and, if awarded, damages to the victim. Even if you are not found to be at fault, your policy will cover the costs of defending yourself in court.

Professional Liability insurance will typically cover the following:

  • Attorney’s fees and other legal costs
  • Costs and expenses associated with the settlement
  • Costs and expenses acquired as a result of a judgment

Professional Liability insurance does not cover criminal prosecution, and there may be civil liabilities that are not covered by the policy. Refer to the wording of your policy to understand the specific inclusions and exclusions of your coverage.


Professional and general liability insurance are typically required to protect you from physical and financial harm. This is unquestionably the case if you work in the professional services sector or lease or own commercial real estate that is open to the general public.

Operating without either policy in place may be conceivable in some circumstances, but doing so is exceedingly dangerous and not recommended. At any point, someone could have a mishap in your facility or assert that you failed to uphold the terms of a contract.

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