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Inquiries to Make before Purchasing Auto Insurance

Your specific requirements for auto insurance depend on the vehicle you drive, your personal priorities, and your financial situation. 

To determine which options are the most sensible for you, consider your driving habits and the hazards you encounter before comparing policies and insurers. 

Below are pertinent questions you should ask to make sure your auto insurance covers your needs and price range.

How Much Driving Do You Do?

Do you need a car every day to commute to work or transport your children to extracurricular activities? Do you travel 100 miles per month, or more likely, 1,000 miles per month? 

Make sure your insurance covers how frequently you use your automobile. If you don’t drive much, you might wish to get insurance based on mileage.

Will You Drive to and from Work?

Commercial auto insurance is required if you use your vehicle for work-related chores in addition to commuting. If you engage in any other commercial vehicle use, your personal auto policy will not offer coverage.

What Kind of Vehicle Do You Drive?

The types of cars, makes, and models that are more or less likely to result in claims are precisely known by insurers thanks to their access to mountains of data. 

Your insurance will be more expensive if you drive a showy sports vehicle with a powerful engine because it may be more likely to be stolen and require more expensive bodywork than a midsize sedan. 

Certain auto models, including modified or vintage vehicles, call for specialized insurance. Similarly, you can be eligible for savings if your vehicle is reliable, safe, and equipped with the newest security measures.

How Attached Are You to Your Vehicle?

If you’re proud of the way your car appears and you enjoy the way it looks, you’ll probably want any damage corrected as soon as possible or have it replaced with a brand-new one. 

The broadest possible range of insurance, including collision, comprehensive, and glass coverage, will likely be on your mind. On the other hand, you might opt to limit your insurance to liability if you drive a beater, only use automobiles for transit, and want to save money on premiums.

What Parking Spot Do You Use?

Your location will affect your insurance costs, and it might affect the kind of coverage you choose. For instance, comprehensive coverage could be a wise choice for vehicles parked on the street in urban locations where there is a higher chance of theft or damage. 

If you relocate to a suburb from a city, you might find that your premium rates are reduced.

Will Someone Else Be Driving the Vehicle?

Your auto insurance covers other drivers. However, they should be included in your policy if they share a residence with you and drive your vehicle.

Which Legal Responsibilities Do You Have?

Almost every state mandates that you maintain a minimum level of liability insurance on your vehicle. You should confirm that your policy conforms with applicable laws. 

The levels of coverage that are necessary are, however, typically quite low. Remember that you could face a substantial financial lawsuit if you are a party to a major accident. 

You may wish to buy a larger level of liability coverage just to be safe, depending on your assets and level of financial risk tolerance.


Remember that your age, gender, and driving history will also have an impact on your insurance selections and rates. Also, be aware that your insurance premiums may be influenced by your credit score. 

You’ll be better equipped to choose the types and levels of coverage to get once you’ve considered your needs and priorities and understand how insurance options will match them.

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