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Smart, Simple Accounting & Bookkeeping Software

what is quickbooks

This provides a generous tax deduction of 58.5 cents per mile for 2022. However, to receive the deduction, you must keep a record of the date, miles, and purpose of your trip. Payroll is an area that you don’t want to skimp on and try to do manually.

Automate recurring invoices and give your customers the option to set up autopay. Consider what the system’s interface looks like, how the navigation works and what setup entails. Your familiarity with accounting concepts and the availability of customer support is also worth weighing.

All plans include

These include; project management, inventory management, and organising purchase receipts all in one place. When your suppliers or vendors issue your bills, you can manually enter them into the system. This way, you have a record of upcoming payments and are unlikely to incur late fees.

what is quickbooks

Our guide on how to convert QuickBooks Desktop to Online walks you through the simple process. You can also track your business mileage and view financial reports from your smartphone. The QuickBooks Online mobile app is available for download on Google Play and App Store, but you need an active subscription to use its features. QuickBooks Online integrates with hundreds of business applications available in the QuickBooks App Store. These integrated apps are designed to help you simplify the various aspects of your business, from bill management and payment acceptance to cash flow forecasting.

Choose the QuickBooks Desktop or Online product for your needs

This is a desktop product, meaning you download and install it on your computer. QuickBooks Pro Plus has a full range of features including invoicing, inventory tracking, reporting, billing, and income and expense tracking. Here’s a look at all of QuickBooks’ small-business products, including accounting, point-of-sale and payroll software. Plus, you’ll find details on how QuickBooks stacks up against its competitors, as well as alternatives to consider. Reports are great, and mostly the end game, but how do you get the data there fastest?

It can also support businesses that sell products or services in multiple jurisdictions, with the ability to calculate and track sales tax rates and rules for each jurisdiction. QuickBooks, on the other hand, is a software dedicated only to accounting. It has features required specifically for accounting like income and expenses tracking, payroll management, invoicing and inventory management. Bookkeeping for Solo and Small Law Firms Small businesses will want to go for Simple Start – which adds income tax estimates, phone support, and pay-enabled invoices. Essentials adds multi-currency support, bill and payment management, and increases the cap to three users. With QuickBooks, businesses can efficiently track income and expenses, manage invoices, monitor inventory, and generate detailed financial reports.

QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop

You can take care of most of your bookkeeping needs with the tools on offer. As the software requires installation, there are certain system requirements. QuickBooks is compatible with most devices, but each version has slight differences that you should know. Before you decide, check if the software is compatible with your operating system and device. Features are geared towards freelancers, small, and medium-sized business owners.

  • Save time and reduce errors when you connect your bank to get a full view of your finances.
  • You can migrate your data easily from your current accounting software into QuickBooks.
  • They’ll provide guidance, answer your questions, and teach you how to do tasks in QuickBooks, so you can stay on track for tax time and run your business with confidence.
  • QuickBooks is the platform most used by professional accountants so if you plan to work with an accountant, they will likely be very familiar with the platform, its features and capabilities.
  • The first tier is the Simple Start Plan at $9 per month for the first three months, then is $30 per month.